Surviving the Bear Market Webinar

Given the push to new lows for the market, SEM hosted a webinar to discuss why the markets have been falling, how long this might last, and most importantly, what SEM has done and plans on doing as we go through it. We broke up the replay video into two sections: the main presentation and the Q&A.

Main Presentation

Question and Answer

  1. Do you foresee any stock opportunities similar to the pandemic? Any idea s to when the lowest point might be?
  2. How often is your team monitoring our accounts? Daily, weekly, etc.?
  3. Do you honestly think increasing rates any further will do anything but make economic conditions worse?
  4. Typically bonds and stocks have opposite correlation. With both bonds and stocks down, which will rise first?
  5. Getting questions about BlackRock and Louisiana pulling funds from them. Should we be concerned?
  6. Can you tell me any information you have about BlackRock - I noted that it is listed within my retirement, but have recently heard not-s0-good things about them.
  7. For those of us that are retired and taking a draw on our SEM funds, what advice might you have if we are comfortable with our risk profile? I have some room to draw less but am waiting to see how the economy goes.
  8. What's your best guess as to when the impending recession will end?
  9. Will a potential change in govt administration help or hurt our growth?
  10. I'm 63, should I reduce 401 deductions until this turns around? I'm putting 15% and had to put it in while going down. What do you think?
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New Kent, VA
Jeff joined SEM in October 1998. Outside of SEM, Jeff is part of the worship team at LifePointe Christian Church where he plays the keyboard and bass guitar. He also coaches a club soccer team.