The SEM Technology Blog lives here now

We just finished moving the SEM Technology Blog to this site - the SEM Trader’s Blog.

The Trader’s Blog is still where we talk about the current market environment, but the content is becoming increasingly diverse – for example, the Biblical Finance series Courtney Dent (our Marketing Manager) has been posting about recently: Courtney Dent - SEM Trader's Blog (

With that in mind, we decided to make the Trader’s Blog home for our technology-related content, too. Here’s what that means:

Subscriptions will not be migrated. If you are currently subscribed to the Tech Blog and wish to continue to receive notifications when new posts are available, you will need to subscribe to the Trader’s Blog. You can do that here:

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Dustin has been turning things off and back on again for SEM since 2018. He enjoys Christian apologetics, playing guitar, learning Japanese, and communicating in various dialects of toddler.