Are you George Bailey or Mr. Potter?

Are you more like George Bailey or Mr. Potter? Here’s a replay of a Podcast I did last year with my good friend Peter McClellan of the 401k Latte Company. We discussed the main characters in the Christmas classic Its a Wonderful Life. The movie successfully contrasts two lives; one committed to serving others even when costly self-sacrifice is required, the other, solely obsessed with the pursuit of money regardless of how other people are harmed.


It’s been quite a year for SEM (beginning with our re-branding from Strategic Equity Management to SEM Wealth Management) & we have a lot more ahead of us, but as we look back at our year, we can see there is something to living life like George Bailey.


As we head into Christmas, I find it interesting reading my Christmas week blog from last year. While the stock market didn’t flinch all year long, many of the things discussed have started to play out beneath the surface. Check out my blog post from last Christmas to look back at how some popular Christmas movies could be analogous to our current environment.

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