Focusing on the Positive

Here are 3 positive things we see within the investment markets and our portfolios.

1.) Valuations have gotten very attractive thanks to the high yield bonds. For a deeper look about what this means and actions you should be taking right now, click here.

2.) AmeriGuard allocations can now be adjusted at any time rather than once a quarter. Allocations were adjusted to the middle part of each model's range beginning last week.  This allows us to be able to adjust allocations based on market movements and not have to wait until the end of the quarter. More information is at the bottom of the article linked in #1 above. This makes our line-up even stronger across the board.

3.) Our Cornerstone Models offer a chance to do good with our investment dollars, which is welcome given all the negativity surrounding us. Learn more about these unique portfolios here. Advisors, make sure you watch our SEM University discussing these models and how to utilize them with your clients.

If you'd like a portfolio check-up, make sure you take our SEM Risk Questionnaire to get the process started. To get the latest updates, subscribe to the blog.

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New Kent, VA
Jeff joined SEM in October 1998. Outside of SEM, Jeff is part of the worship team at LifePointe Christian Church where he plays the keyboard and bass guitar. He also coaches a club soccer team.