MMM 4-37

Out of respect for the lives lost on 9-11-01 we're taking a break from the Musings this week.

We have the usual market/model updates below along with some market charts. We'll save any commentary for next week.

On the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I posted a reflection about that day and where our country has gone since then. Today we'd encourage you to check out our annual reflection here:

Have we forgotten?
It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since the terrorist attacks on our country. Today we take a break from the market and economic discussions to reflect on today’s somber anniversary. Have we forgotten what happened 22 years ago? (This post was originally published September 10,

Market Charts

S&P (short-term)

S&P (long-term)

10-Year Treasury Yield (short-term)

10-Year Treasury Yield (long-term)

SEM Model Positioning

SEM deploys 3 distinct approaches – Tactical, Dynamic, and Strategic. These systems have been described as 'daily, monthly, quarterly' given how often they may make adjustments. Here is where they each stand.

Tactical (daily): The High Yield Bond system which bought the beginning of April remains very close to a sell. Once again after being within one more down day of triggering, a late week rally kept us invested (for now).

Dynamic (monthly): As we've been since April 2022, our economic model remains "bearish". This doesn't mean we are predicting a recession, but rather a slowdown which means a difficult environment for corporate earnings. Other than the technology and discretionary sector this has been the case.

Strategic (quarterly)*: The core rotation is adjusted quarterly. On August 17 it rotated out of mid-cap growth and into small cap value. It also sold some large cap value to buy some large cap blend and growth. The large cap purchases were in actively managed funds with more diversification than the S&P 500 (banking on the market broadening out beyond the top 5-10 stocks.)

The * in quarterly is for the trend models. These models are watched daily but they trade infrequently based on readings of where each believe we are in the cycle. The second indicator triggered on August 16, brining the strategic models to a fully invested position. We are NOT locked into these for the next quarter. The 'sell-point' for this system is down around 3-4% from here.

This is the beauty of SEM's truly diversified approach. You get 3 distinct investment management styles inside one portfolio. We can customize models to match nearly any objective, risk level, and investment personality.

Our "bucket" approach allows for different parts of the portfolio to be positioned differently based on where we are in the market cycle. Whenever we are at a crossroads moment it is especially risky. This requires a disciplined approach which is what SEM brings. There will be much easier times to invest. Our goal is to get there with as much capital in tact to take advantage of that opportunity.

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