2023 Cornerstone Recap

Usually for the last Cornerstone blog of the year, I just post a "year in review" where I share all the Cornerstone blogs from the year. While I will still provide all the blogs from the year for you to review, I also wanted to share a quick Christmas devotional to get us in the right mindset as we head into Christmas.

Christmastime can feel so crowded. The stores are more crowded, our calendars become more crowded – this can leave us feeling overwhelmed. There wasn't room for Mary (and Jesus) in the inn when he was born. Instead of clean, comfortable conditions, after he was born he was wrapped in strips of cloth and placed in a manger (an animal's feeding trough). While there wasn't any room, room was still made.

Instead of getting lost in the busyness of the Christmas season (holiday parties, gift wrapping, baking, etc.), let's remember to make room for Jesus. After all, Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas! I encourage you to take some time today (and every day) to focus on worshipping Jesus. During this busy season, step back from all the hustle and bustle to just spend some time with the Lord! Let's take a look at Luke 2 to read about Jesus' birth:

What are some things you can do differently this Christmastime to make sure you're making room for Jesus?

A Study Through the Letter of James

While James is only 5 chapters long, it is filled with a lot of wisdom for Christ-followers. From January through October, I slowly went through the book. The reoccurring point in James is that Christians should not just profess faith in God but should live lives that reflect the reality of their profession. It's not enough to just say that you're a follower of Christ; your actions must reflect that! Through the study, there were definietly some hard truths shared. I hope that the study was beneficial for you, and you were able to reflect on where you're currently at with your Christian walk and where you'd like to be.

You can find all the blogs on James here:

James Study - SEM Trader’s Blog

Stay tuned for next year as we start a new study through Daniel & Esther!

A Biblical Approach to Finance

Starting in 2022, the mid-month blog has been focused on the series, "A Biblical Approach to Finances". This series started with focusing on the foundation – our attitude. After several months focusing on our attitude towards finances, we shifted to actual financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing.

Here are all of the blog posts from this series:

Biblical Finance - SEM Trader’s Blog

If you just want the summary of each section from this series, here are those posts:

A Biblical Approach to Finances: Foundation Review
Last month, we wrapped up the Biblical Approach to Finances series. Since we started this series a year ago, I thought it would be helpful to recap the different sections and provide highlights for each over the next few months. This series was broken into 3 parts: giving, planning, and
A Biblical Approach to Finances: Budgeting Review
After spending several months going over how our attitude should be about our finances, there were two months focusing on budgeting -- budgeting basics and understanding debt. This month, we’re going to briefly review those two blogs in case you missed them. Check out the first section review here:…
A Biblical Approach to Finances: Saving Review
The last couple months, we’ve been recapping our Biblical Approach to Finances series which we started back in 2022. In September, we reviewed the foundation basics, and in October, we reviewed budgeting. You can find those two posts below: A Biblical Approach to Finances: Foundation ReviewLast mon…

I will still continue posting a mid-month blog focusing on Biblical finance or Biblically Responsible Investing. The focus next year will be on objections we tend to hear when it comes to BRI/Cornerstone. With each objection, we will share our counter argument. The hope with this series will be to help break down some of the barriers people have towards BRI.

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