Economic Update & Preparing Your Portfolio for the Election Webinar

Did you miss our webinar today? Every election year, there is much angst about the outcome and what it will mean for the economy and your investment portfolio – which is why we wanted to host a webinar several months before the election! This webinar focused on what the DATA says about the true key drivers of the economy, what the current economic environment is saying about those drivers, and what historically happens following the election. Along the way, key behavioral finance topics were covered to better understand what is likely to be a year filled with uncertainty.

Since this was a longer webinar, with the formal presentation being approximately one hour, we have split the replay into two (the formal presentation and the Q&A).

Formal Presentation

If you'd like a copy of the slides, click here.

K-Shaped Economy

During the webinar, I mentioned the k-shaped economy. Here is a video series we did in 2023 which is still relevant today.

Question & Answer

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