Stimulus & Growth

Stimulus & Economic Growth Since Recession

$741,198 spent for every 1 job added.


Assuming those jobs paid the average hourly wage of $25.69 and each worker worked the average 34.5 hours per week, the average annual income would by $46,088.


Not counting interest payments on the debt used to generate these jobs, it will take 16 years to payback the amount of money spent to generate each of these jobs.


According to the Department of Labor, the majority of the jobs added from 2009-2013 were in the $8-14/hr range.  From 2013-2015 the majority of jobs added shifted to the $12-24/hr range.  If we split the difference and assume the average job added was $16/hr, the payback period (without considering interest payments) jumps to 26 years!


For more on why the “stimulus” is not having the same impact it once had, see The Grand Experiment 


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